flash facts about metal roofing

Metal roofing may be one of the more relatively modern roofing materials to be incorporated on homes, but it is becoming increasingly popular as a viable option for roofing that is durable, environmentally friendly and more cost effective than its alternatives. 

Below are some interesting things you may not know – but need to know – about metal roofing. 


1. It does not attract lightning

There is a common misconception that metal roofing attracts lighting. This is not true, and in fact, experts say that metal’s unique properties make the material risk-averse and the best option in lightning situations. These unique properties include being an electrical conductor and non-combustible material. 


2. Metal is fire-proof

Closely tied to the above is the fact that metal is resistant to fire. Unlike other construction materials such as wood for example, it does not feed fire and may even work to retard it. It’s clear that metal roofing is the best bet in areas prone to fire damage. 


3. Defence against rot and mildew

Insects eating away at materials is not an issue with a metal roof. They simply cannot eat through metal. This would be particularly worrying with any other material as it’s like an “invisible” destroyer who damage you only notice once it’s already done. In addition, metal is immune to common roofing issues like rot and mildew too. 


4. Eco friendly

In most cases, a quality metal roof will be made of anything from 35% – 95% recycled material. While the lifespan of a metal roof will be very long, when it does come time to remove it for whatever reason, the entire thing will be 100% recyclable, as opposed to being dumped in a landfill. 


5. The noise

Truth be told, metal roofing is noisier than most other roofing materials, particularly when it rains. This is however a small price to pay for what metal makes up for in durability, safety and longevity. There are also means for homeowners to mitigate the noise in certain areas of the house if need be.